Corporate social responsibility

Help each other, cooperation and win-win


Sunwin Group Care Foundation was officially established on April 23, 2019 with the aim to promote the group's business philosophy of "natural law following, good morality, people-centered, harmonious and win-win", demonstrate the company's humanistic concept of "employees and society caring", promote the fraternal cooperation spirit among partners, and practice corporate responsibility towards society. 

The Care Foundation Office has formulated the charter and standardized procedures, and determined the assistance scope of 25 major diseases, accidental disabilities and major family changes, as well as corresponding financial assistance standards. At the same time, Robin Xia and Ella Sun were elected as the first image representatives of the foundation to be fully responsible for its promotion. 


Slogan: Caring heart, Sunwin love. 


1. In the spirit of solidarity and fraternal cooperation, the foundation is to provide certain financial support to employees or their families with the strength of everyone in case of emergencies, serious illnesses and financial difficulties, helping them to overcome difficulties, thus demonstrating the benevolence of Sunwin employees. 

2. To participate in social public welfare activities in the spirit of morality that enterprises should have: provide certain financial or material assistance to the affected people in major social disasters; collaborate with the relevant social organizations to help the poor, the weak, the solitary elders and orphans and other vulnerable groups in society, thus fully demonstrating the group's sense of social responsibility.