About Sunwin

Your Most Valuable Partner
Lily's look, Sophie's New, these independent brands of Sunwin, are operated by Shanghai Lifetex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunwin Group. Shanghai Lifetex is mainly engaged in product research and development, design, sales and brand operation for the Chinese market, providing high-quality products such as home clothing, home textiles and household decorations for the Chinese people, and creating a warm and comfortable life.

Brand  story

Lily is a Chinese - Vietnamese fashion designer, artist and traveler. Since she was a little girl, her parents took her settled in several countries. Under variety of cultures influence, Lily has collected the stories that she have heard, the scenery she have seen and the people she have meet in her mind. In light of Lily’s unique life experience, she developed her own perspective to this world.

Lily appreciate her parents gave her the opportunity to living in different countries. However, she can’t define the concept “home” clearly. In the bottom of her heart, Lily crave for a steady, warm and cozy home, and she can be whoever she wants in that home.

For purpose of seeking the dream home in Lily’s mind, she create LILY’S LOOK. Lily’s goal is not only finding her own dream home, but also eager to passing her delightful prospective of dream home to the public.

Brand Planning  introduction

2020 is a year gots infinite possibilities, full of hope and energy, and is the best star point for LILY’S LOOK come out to the public.

“Growth” is the theme of LILY’S LOOK 2020. The reason is this brand just like the spring bud ready to go under the mud in the late winter, then breaks through the soil in the spring. Spring is the season of dreams of Lily girls, so Lily named our spring collection as “Dream of spring”. The color pallet for this series is the combination of the gray haze that has not faded by winter with colorful spring sprits. The spring collection is all about romantic, feminine and simplism design.

“Revival” is the theme of our summer collection. Lily will let her designs leading the Lily girls all the way to the sunny coral beach from the misted spring. Under the saffron sun light and the azure sea, we can all celebrate the power of life.